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Rug Cleaning in Germantown

Keeping your rug clean is essential for your health and those you live with. Therefore, whenever your floor piece has dirt or staining, cleaning it becomes a priority. Some people prefer to clean their rug at home by themselves. However, by doing so, they end up damaging their beautiful floor pieces since they lack the professional expertise for rug cleaning.

Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Germantown is there to give you the solution to your problem. We will provide you with the best rug cleaning services in the area. Our rug cleaning specialists will leave your floor piece clean and fresh that you will not want to get out of your home. The equipment we use is commercial grade hence producing the best results. Due to our extensive training, we know how to inspect your floor piece and know what cleaning solution and rug cleaning method to use. Once you enjoy our service, you will keep coming back for more.

What Is The Process Of Rug Cleaning in Germantown?

Area rug cleaning services require a particular process for one to have positive results. The following is the rug cleaning process that Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Germantown uses:

  • The first thing we do is to send our experts to your home to do a pre-inspection exercise. They will give you a rug quote and estimate and discuss with you whether the rug should be cleaned at your home or at our facility. If the rug will be cleaned on site, the cleaning will begin immediately. Otherwise, our team will pick up your floor piece and take it to our facility for free.
  • We will do a second inspection at our facility to determine the cleaning method and cleaning solution.
  • We will effectively clean your floor piece using the appropriate methods and dry it. We also do rug combing and grooming to ensure your rug looks beautiful.
  • We then do the final inspection to ensure the results satisfy the client, and then we deliver back the rug.
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Why You Should Choose Us

There is no doubt that we are among the best rug cleaning service you can use for your area rug cleaning. Therefore do not hesitate to choose us for your rug cleaning. Here are some of the benefits you will get once you choose us.

A guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction

One of the things that make us attract more and more clients is the superb services that we provide to them. We ensure that we use top-notch equipment to provide area rug cleaning service. Moreover, we have a way to get the feedback of our clients. When we find out that our client did not get satisfied, we address their issues professionally and ensure that they are satisfied when we are done.

Convenience to customers

Our rug cleaning in Germantown ensures that the comfort of clients is upheld. We, Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Germantown, offer rug cleaning pickup service and rug cleaning drop-off services. You do not have to trouble yourself bringing your floor piece to us. What is even more appealing is that the delivery services are free. Moreover, we have a flexible time for the convenience of our customers. We can work on different days and times to fix the schedule of our clients. Moreover, our professional rug cleaning costs are affordable to anyone.

Latest technology

We keep ourselves up to date with the trending technology. Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Germantown ensures that it uses modern technology to provide clients with the best services. Our equipment is among the best hence ensuring your floor piece is sparkling clean and has a new look.

Other important services

Of course, we offer a number of other services, but the most important of them, on which your future and health can directly depend are mold inspection, mold testing and mold removal.

The Rug Cleaning Methods That Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Germantown Use

Companies for rug cleaning in Germantown use different methods to clean their floor pieces. We cannot say that there is the best method since each technique serves different cases. Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Germantown uses the following rug cleaning methods that make them provide the best cleaning services.

Steam cleaning

The method is suitable to remove bacteria, odor, and dust mites. However, this method of rug cleaning is not ideal for floor pieces that have deep stains. In steam cleaning, hot water is expelled at high pressure and temperature. Another advantage of using this method is improving the appearance of the floor piece. That is why we like using this method for Oriental rug cleaning for our clients.

Deep cleaning

The deep cleaning method is the same as the steam cleaning method, but now the hot water extraction is more intensive. The process involves combining hot water with cleaning agents. They are then injected into the floor piece at a high pressure to loosen the stain in the rug fiber. It is an effective method to ensure even the toughest stains get out.

Encapsulation method

The encapsulation method is also an effective technique for area rug cleaning. In this method, we first vacuum the floor piece before applying the encapsulating chemical. Once we finish vacuuming the floor piece, we use an agitation machine that encapsulates chemicals to absorb and isolate the dirt particles. We then clean the isolated dirt. The advantage of using this method is that it is fast and requires minimal downtime. It is also a suitable method for high-maintenance floor pieces.

Rug cleaning in Germantown is now easy and convenient thanks to Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Germantown. We ensure the best services to our clients. Moreover, our rug cleaning costs are among the best. Therefore, try us today, and you can be sure to come back.

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